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Hotwire Cutting

CNC Hotwire Cutting is used to cut polystyrene foam with a wire tool. There are many applications, for example; facet cutting, arch cutting, foam architectural elements, structural elements, interior design.

Router Cutting

CNC Routers are extremely flexible machines, this cutting system can be used in a broad range of very accurate, 2D or 3D woodworking, plastic and non-ferrous metal production jobs. We have 2 router machines one with a bed size of 2 meters by 3 meters and one with a moving table of 1 meter by 1 meter.

Waterjet Cutting

CNC Waterjets has the ability to cut a very wide variety of materials. High-pressure waterjet machining also offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies allowing the user to cut highly accurate parts with excellent finish and no heat affected edge. Our Waterjet has a bed size of 1.5 meter by 3 meters and she has 2 cutting heads that can cut simultaneously!

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